Local group donations to Intergroup

If you are a member of a local group in Southern California and your group wishes to donate to the Intergroup, we thank you! Please send your donation via your Intergroup rep. Alternatively, you can mail it to:

Southern California Intergroup of SAA
PO Box 57648
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

Or send to PayPal at: SCIGSAA@gmail.com

All other donations go to ISO of SAA

The International Service Organization of Sex Addicts Anonymous, Inc. is the central organization for the over 1800 meetings in 34 countries. ISO does the following:

  • Produces SAA literature,
  • Answers questions (by phone, surface mail, and e-mail) from both members and prospective members and the general public,
  • Produces an Annual Convention,
  • Creates a bi-monthly newsletter The Outer Circler which is distributed free,
  • Runs their SAA Webpage

Boy, that must take a lot of money! And it does; ISO's budget for 2000 was over $125,000. We expect 30-40% of this to come from literature sales. The rest we hope to get from donations, some from the worldwide SAA meetings but more than half from individuals like yourself.

ISO of SAA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donations are tax deductible. We will mail you a receipt that you can show the IRS. (And it won't have the word "sex" on it anywhere, so you can also show it to your accountant.)

Our Seventh Tradition holds that SAA ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. With this in mind, please do not send a contribution unless you are a member.

Click here for the ISO Donation Page.